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Tiny Shiny
Alpine City Sprint

08.- 14.04.2024

Organization: Klein & Partner KG

Location: Our office, Kirchgasse 6, 6176 Völs, Austria, Europe.

The village of Völs is in the sprawl of Innsbruck, easy to get to by bus or train (S-Bahn).

A spontaneous tiny shiny sprint for the Plone family.

Limited Space (up to 14 Participants)

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ACS 2023 Group Photo Riesen

Plone in the Sky with Diamonds

25 participants pushed Plone forward. 3 new contributors joinded us. We worked on Volto, ClassicUI, Core and general architecture, deployment, roadmap discussions, processes around release management, continuous integration/testing, and infrastructure.

We had a panel discussion about remote work in IT, a visit to Swarovski Kristallwelten and a snow-day at the end.

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Relax with Plone

We pushed Plone core development towards 6.0. This includes planning Volto development and many workshops. We brought Plone Addons on it's path to work on Python 3.

With LEGO® Serious Play® we worked together to develop and visualize the visions, values ​​and principles of Plone.

We spent a wonderful SPA day at Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal .

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Gruppenfoto 2015.jpg

007 - With The License To Release

We pushed Plone to a 5.2 final release. Some bits and pieces were missing, but the result was a full working Plone 5.2 on Python 3 and several bugfixes for Zope 4. Multiple addons were ported to Python 3. It was a major success!

We spent one day sprinting on the mountain as high as 3048m! Some of us did some skiing/snowboarding, others enjoyed the 007 Elements James Bond exhibition about the movie Spectre.

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Push Plone 5.2 towards Zope 4 & Python 3

We brought Plone on its path to Python 3 and finally get it running.

We visited the OEWF Spacesuit Lab and its Mars Mission Support Center.

It ended with a Snow Day tobogganing down through white forests at Wildschönau.

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@ Jens Klein / BrennerBasisTunnel.JPG

Plone Core, Zope 4, Python 3

We worked on porting Zope 4 to Python 3 and Plone to Zope 4, the next generation auf Zope. We visited the Brenner Base Tunnel construction site. Digging a 64km hole through the central alps feels similar to digging in 20yo code bases.

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@ Johannes Raggam / Panorama.JPG

Plone - dig deep, tidy up

Five long days of talking, coding, poking into the depth of Zope2 and also after 5 days of fun, wine, beer and delicious food, great views on and from our mountains, some culture, lots of WTF and opening of pandoras boxes.

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@ Jens Klein / IQOQI.jpg

Plone 5.0 fixing and GTD

We worked mainly on tasks to get Plone 5.0 out of the door and also fixed add-ons to work with Plone 5.0. In order to cool down like a atom, we visited the IQOQI and had a Hack'n'Dine at Seegrube with a great view down to Innsbruck.

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