Alpine City Sprint 2015

Archive: Documentation of the 2015 Sprint

When: January 21th to 25th 2015

Where: Grabenweg 68 Soho II, 6020 Innsbruck Tirol, Austria (map)

Registration: until January 9th 2015 (add yourself here or drop us an email)

Phone:  If lost in the city or in case of any other trouble or you have just a question just give us a call:

  • Christine +43 699 1602019-1 or
  • Jens +43 699 1602019-0
Hashtag: #alpinecitysprint


Klein & Partner KG, Blue Dynamics Alliance

Jens Klein und Christine Baumgartner


Below the contents of the sprint etherpad for documentation purposes (original at  )

We explicitly not worked on new features (Plone 5.1 and later) for core here.

  • Plone 5.0 Core: fixing, polishing, get things done           
  • Most important TODOS:
  • Javascript/Mockup (benniboy)
  • Replace mockup-core with Patternslib (JC).
  • PAM 2.0 ( [Peter, Saily, Jens...]
  • We need to take care about @@ views on root that may lose the navigation
  • This should be merged first solving the migration step, its a major change on the code and may lead to more errors. Seems like there are no real migration issues, Daniel and Ramon will try with larger real deployments.
  • Fix test layer setup archetypes.multilingual, on the LRI branch, prepare merge.
  • LRF, LRI are dexterity content types, so what shall we do if we enable archetypes.multilingual, we just move Archetypes into the Dexterity Containers. It should be documented that we still need dexterity.
  • archetypes.multilingual does not trigger any PAM event.
  • get rid of sessions im pam 
  • After refactor branch for plone 5 (pam 3.0) and merge Language Control Panel new structure
  • [Peter, Philip ...]
  • General Bugfixing
  • releases of 1.1.x and 1.2.x branch (new branch for 1.1.x releases needed) NEW BRANCH DONE. Release coming.
  • AGX (agx.generator.plone/dexterity)
  • Tagged values are not defaulting to the default values defined in the profile definition files but the defaults that are being "hardcoded" in the AGX source code. That's fine once you know it.
  • GoParser integration is not trivial.
  • DX API [Robert]
  • complete tests
  • get changes into master
Standup reports:
Standup Thursday:
  • Jens, Daniel: Worked on plone.z3cform.
  • Maik, Max, Kees: Move into CMFPlone. Focussed on language, ongoing.
  • JC: Replace scanner, parser & registry from mockup with that from patternslib in order to get mockup in line with patternslib.
  • Philip: Plone 5 branch of, cut beta release.
  • Johannes: Site controlpanel. Merged.
  • Gogo: AGX.
  • Daniel: Archetypes multilingual, fix failing tests.
Standup Friday:
  • Daniel: Fixed Archetypes multilingual issues.
  • Jens: Multilingual. Merged datakurre branch.
  • Peter: Default values in was more difficult than expected.
  • Kees: Move filter controlpanel from p.a.controlpanel to CMFPlone.
  • Maik: Move language controlpanel from p.a.controlpanel to CMFPlone.
  • JC: Merge Mockup to Patternslib.
  • Philip: Fixed bugs.
  • Johannes: Different listing views for collections and folders. Refactor using contentlisting package.
  • Gogo: AGX. Progress estd. at 10%.
  • Robert: Dexterity behavior API PLIP 20239 (with Jens).
Standup Sunday:
  • Kees: Filter controlpanel, not done. Progress documented in
  • Maik: Language controlpanel, done but branch not merged. Maik will continue and refactor LanguageTool to use the registry.
  • JC: Two pull requests, one for mockup, one for mockup core. Nathan looking at them.
  • Jens: Tried to get rid of session usage in p.a.multilingual. Intermittent robot test failures.
  • Jure: Security controlpanel. Cleaning up other packages that use these settings, will pull request.

Remote Sprinting

Remote Sprinters join the #sprint IRC channel on freenode. We have a projector
with the open sprint channel in the room.

Remote sprinters can join us on the standup meetings (planning, reporting) over hangout.

The hangout will be announced on IRC and here in the wiki.

If you plan to remote sprint, add yourself to the attendees list below and add the word "remote".


We have room for up to 24 sprinters. If you plan to come, but later on you cancel: please remove yourself from the list.

[ name ] [nickname] [ company ] [ dates ] [ % sure ] [ remote]

  1. Jens W. Klein (jensens/yenzenz), Klein & Partner KG, 21.1.-25.1., 100%
  2. Christine Baumgartner (chrimiba), Klein & Partner KG, 21.1.-25.1., 100%
  3. Peter Holzer, agitator Weblösungen, 21.1.-23.1., 99.9%
  4. Johannes Raggam, programmatic, 21.1-24.1, 111%
  5. Markus Hilbert, Akademie der bildenden Künste, 21.1.-25.1, 90%
  6. Gogo Bernhard, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, 21.1.-23/24.1., 74.8%
  7. Kees Hink, Four Digits, 21.1 - 25.1, 99.9% 
  8. Maik Derstappen, derico, 21.01 - 24.01 100% (i'll working on control panel migration)
  9. Daniel Widerin, zumtobel group ag, 22.01. - 23.01., 100%
  10. Max Jakob, LMU München, 21.1. - 25.1., 100%
  11. JC Brand (jcbrand), GmBH, 21.1 - 25.1, 80%
  12. Robert Niederreiter (rnix), Squarewave Computing, 21.1 - 23.1, 99% 
  13. Benjamin Stefaner (benniboy/bennyboy), Klein & Partner KG, 21.1.-25.1., 100%
  14. Philip Bauer (pbauer),, 22.1.-23.1., 100%
  15. Jure Cerjak (ibi), Termitnjak, 23.1 and 24.1, remote

 To add yourself here: Log in, click on "Join project" - wait until confirmed, edit this document and add yourself to the list.

    Organized Events

    • Complete Schedule [[complete agenda]]
    • Early Arrival
      The Cafe Central is the appointment for those who arrive on Thuesday. It is an old typical Austrian Cafe, in Vienesse style. You can stay there from 7' o clock in the morning till 11 o' clock in the night. You meet there students, businessmen, mothers with children, you can spent your time alone reading or with your friends. It's a very fine cafe. And you get hot meal the whole day (map).
    • IQOQI - Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information: we organized a visit at the institute on Thursday 9am.  You'll see really geeky stuff such as a quantum computer and the coldest place in Tirol.It ist located at the westend (map) of Innsbruck (opposite side as the office).
      We meet 8:30am in the middle of the City, at the Marktplatz Bus-Terminal (map). There we take the Bus „O“ westbound.

    • Restaurant Seegrube – Alpenlounge: On friday evening we will organize a trip up to the Restaurant Seegrube (at 1905m) above the city with a stunning view over the alps (pray for good weather). The ropeway with its large cabin brings us up and down (starting at 18:00, last descent at 23:30). 
    • We will offer coffee, tea and lunch at the sprint location. We're looking for lunch sponsors – any takers: contact us!


        Our office and the sprint location is at the eastend of Innsbruck at the building called "Soho 2.0". Our office and the location is on the top of the building (penthouse) at 4th floor. Follow the signs we provide inside the building.

        • Moving around in Innsbruck
          Innsbruck is unfortunately rare of parking place and the parking garages are expensive.
          So the best way is to take the public transport or go by feet. Price for the public transport: You can get a one way ticket in every  tram/bus. 4-way tickets are available at the ticket machines. Do not forget to stamp the tickets in the tram/bus, otherwise they are not valid. IVB has also an App with live-schedule and mobile tickets available.

          In front of the office building buses F, R and T (direction "Rumer Hof") are stopping.

          In most of the buses and all tram lines free Wifi is available (1h+500MB per day).
        • Arrival by train

          Going by train is not only comfortable, eco-friendly and stress-free – quite often it is also the most pocket-friendly way of travelling. Lean back and get into the holiday spirit as soon as you leave home. International train connections to all European capital cities click here for timetables

        • Arrival by plane

          Innsbruck has its own Airport (timetable) with connections to some european cities. The next international airport is Munich - from there take the train (~2 ½h) or an special airport taxi (Four Seasons) or a slow, but cheap bus.

          At Innsbruck airport you'll find taxis to take you to your accommodation. If you prefer public transport bus "F" takes you to the centre within minutes: from 5.59 am until 10.59 pm daily the bus takes you within 17 minutes to the main station Innsbruck past the old town and Maria-Theresien-Straße (main street) and also to our office at the „Grabenweg“ bus stop.

        • Arrival by car

          Right in the heart of Europe, Innsbruck is very conveniently located. A well-developed road network connects the Tyrolean capital to the world.

          A 12 Autobahn network (East and West) easily accessible from all directions (toll sticker - compulsory „Vignette“ - required on all motorways!). Extra toll fees are also charged on the A 13 Autobahn starting at Innsbruck South entrance (from Italy, Brenner) and coming from the west through the Arlberg tunnel. Please consider the "Rettungsgasse" (rescue lane) on the motorways in Austria.

          You can see the office building from the highway, when you come from the direction munich on the right side. It's close to the highway exit „Innsbruck Ost“. After you exit you have to take the very first exit on the right side (be careful). In the first circle you take the second first, the second circle take the first exit, then after ~200m you arrived.

          There is a parking garage at SOHO 2.0. It costs 5 € a day. This is very cheap for Innsbruck. But maybe you can get a parking lot for free in front of the building or in the streets near by (if you are here before 9 o'clock or at weekends chances are good).


        We can recommend the Hotel Zillertal and offer there a special price: 10% less as usual (just tell you book for Alpine City Sprint).

        There are lots of other hotels and some hostels in Innsbruck. Also apartments are offered i.e. by AirBnB and others.

        Food, Social and Sport in Innsbruck

        Social Events and Food

        You can find traditonal and modern austrian dishes as well as international restaurants. Innsbruck has a lot of restaurants but its famous for its tourist traps. So I choose some restaurants and made reservations (because we are a couple of people). I hope it is in your opinion. I choose restaurants, which are not that expensive.

        • The Lewisch has best „Schnitzel“ in town. Really, it is not expensive. It is a typical old Inn (map).
        • Werkstatt (american diner) is just 3 minutes by feet away from the office.
        • Alpenlounge Seegrube is an modern austrian/international restaurant at 1.905m above sea level (~1450m above Innsbruck valley).
        • On saturday night we can choose „Die Wilderin“ or „Himal“.
          • Die Wilderin“ is a modern Austrian restaurant. There is only a little menu changing weekly or even daily. Everything is organic, of best quality and they know very well where the food come from. And they have wonderful wine cellar.
          • Himal is an nepalese restaurant. It's very famous in Innsbruck. We have been there some weeks ago. It's really good and not so expensive.

        Booth are in the center of Innsbruck. The only thing is, I have to make the reservation early and vote/decide on wednesday.

        If you need more party: The university of Innsbruck is the largest university of west Austria. Therefore you find in Innsbruck a lot of bar's and pubs. Very famous is the party area „die Bögen“(archs, viaduct bars), under the railway.

        Winter Sports

        Three times host to the Winter Olympics, our region boasts nine ski areas for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Our winter sports menu also includes tobogganing, ice skating, alpine-style curling and even a ride in an Olympic bobsleigh. The free ski bus is convenient and environmentally friendly. Look at the interactive skimap

        We will organize some sports events too. Probably you may want to stay some extra days with your friends/ familiy?


        The Golden Roof

        Imperial Palace


        Court Church - Cenotaph Emperor Maximilian I

        Innsbruck’s City Tower

        Cathedral of St. James

        Swarovski Shop & Exhibition Innsbruck

        Alpine Zoo

        Art History at Ambras Castle

        Bergisel Ski Jump Stadium

        Innsbrucker Nordkette cable railways