Sprint Topics for 2018

Alpine City Sprint Topics

Zope 4


Mosaic, inheritable Tiles, Barceloneta Theme without Portlets

JavaScript, Mockup, Resource Registry

Ideas for some topics:

PLIP: Use Web Components instead of Patterns for Mockup #2253

This PLIP is not accepted and controversially discussed. Goal is to investigate the possibilities to use React and/or Web Components as a replacement for Patternslib and Mockup. Targets Plone 6. See:

PLIP: Resource registry improvements #1955

This PLIP is not accepted and should be re-evaluated in regard to new Tools based around Webpack and SASS. Targets Plone 6. See:

Other Possible Mockup/Resource Registry Topics

Targets Plone 5.2

PLIP: Restructure CMFPlone static resources #1653

Johannes Raggam takes this one... Targets Plone 5.2


Regarding Webpack integration see: